Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Train with Papa

This year we are spending Christmas with my parents in Wyoming. Kaleb has been such fun this year. He has been enjoying the constant attention. My dad has a tradition of a Christmas Train. He showed Kaleb, and he loves it. My Mom also taught Kaleb to "whoo Whoo" like a train. Here is his video with Papa.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Light parade

A few weeks back, Helper, UT had a Christmas light parade. We went, enjoyed the lights...but not the cold. We came home and had homemade hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. We then enjoyed a Christmas Movie of the "Grinch". This year Christmas will be fun! Wish all of our family and friends a Merry Christmas from the Bigelows!!

Baby and Daddy

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Panda Bear bop!

To Aunt Loni and Aunt Dani, Thank you so much for the Panda Bear. This was Kaleb's initial reation to it. Can't wait to post more videos when he finally gets the hang of it. Thanks again coming down and visiting!!!

Party Time!

            Thanks to all of our Family to traveled and came to share in Kaleb's special day!

Such a goofy kid!

Happy 1st Birthday

To think that Kaleb used to be that (not so) tiny newborn. 1 year ago our little man came a week later than planned and has been the best thing in our lives! His actual birthday feel on Thanksgiving this year so we celebrated it a day later so he ( I) wouldn't have to have pie on his birthday. He also now shares a birthday with his cousin Tristan. (Jordon and Tiffany's) newest addition. Hope you have a great Birthday Kaleb! We all Love you! ~Mom and Dad
Eating his very own 1 cake

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Kaleb giggles at the most random things...he loves to be chased and tickled.

I fail at blogging!

So because my sisters have stated I never keep up on my blog and they want to see pictures of ME...jk I know you only want to see my baby...so here is the update on the Bigelow family...Mostly Kaleb.

Kaleb is now 10 months old! He started walking at nine months, and just hasn't slowed down!
My First steps!
In addition to Kaleb's walking, we have some more family news. I recently switched doctor's offices after getting my Medical assisting. I now work in a pediatric and internal medicine office. I love it. It does break my heart when I have to give kids immunizations, they look at you so sad...but once you let them pick a prize they seem to forgive you till the next time they have to come to your office. Adam is in in the RN program and is a semester and a half till he's done!! We all enjoy Kaleb's new mobility, though it can be frustrating when he's into everything!